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According to dermatologist Denise Steiner, oily skin is caused by excessive production of sebum by the sebaceous glands and affects between 80% and 90% of young women.
Oily skin is common in teenagers because of the hormonal shifts of adolescence, however there are many causes for it such as: genetic inheritance; hormonal changes; sun tanning; seasonal changes; stress; diet and using incorrect products (everyone should only use products according to skin type).
If you have oily skin I hope I can help you with the following tips:
Its advisable to avoid hot water!  Probably it will only increase the sebum production. Wash your face many times a day (with appropriated products) and use alcohol free cosmetics.It’s very important to remove make up every night. It will help keep the skin clean and with less enlarged pores. Use moisturizers appropriated to oily skin and prefer a clay or mud mask.

Prefer fruits and vegetables to fatty foods and drink a lot of water!

Here are some good specific oily skin products that you can try:

Revlon Color-stay Makeup with Soft flex for Combination/Oily Skin;

Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + Matifying Foundation;

Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + Matifying Foundation;

Urban Decay Eye-shadow Primer Potion.

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