Healthy Skin

Beyond to protect our body, Skin turns out to be an indicator of health and beauty, so we must keep it healthy as we can.

With an healthy skin we end up  feeling  more beautiful, more attractive, more charming.
But starting a new diet avoiding some calories isn’t enough. Tough it’s true that we are what we eat and an healthy diet helps your skin, there are some skin care habits that we women should take.
To have a perfect skin it´s really important to do three little things , the basics ones: Exfoliate; Cleansing/Toning; Moisturize.
And you should include them in a Skin Care routine:

  • You must drink a lot of water,
  •  Exfoliate at least 1 time per week or 10 in 10 days,
  •  Wash your face (morning and night) with cold water,
  •  Apply a moisturizing cream (choose one according to your skin type),
  •  Remove your make up every night before going to bed (this one is extremely important, a lot of women forget to do it and one of the worst things that we can do to our skin in leave it with make up every night).

If you have a younger skin a moisturizer cream should be enough to keep your skin soft and light. Otherwise if you have a mature skin I advise you to complete your Skin Care routine with an anti-wrinkle eye contour cream for firmer, glowing skin.


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