Garnier BB Cream

Hi Girls,

As you probably have already heard Garnier launched a while ago a new BB Cream for oily skin.

I’ve been using it and I must say that this one is far more better than the first.

I bought for the first time a Garnier BB Cream last year during a trip to Madrid ( I didn’t wanna take my makeup with me but once I got there I miss at least a BB Cream). During the firsts applications I’ve got to confess that I liked it but after I sarted to hate that BB Cream. All because I have oily skin and that BB Cream made my skin more oily. So when I heard that Garnier has launched this one I said to myself :” I got to try it!”.

Well, I’ve already try it and one thing I am sure: it’s good.

It provides the same type of coverage than the other but has a more liquid texture which indeed I appreciate once it becomes easier to spread.

And it does not leave my skin oily as the other one ( but it stills not perfect, I really have to put some compact powder when using it).

But, once nothing is completely perfect I think as this BB Cream is definitely a good choice.

I must confess that I am not a huge fan of BB Creams and I just use them when I’m lazy and just want be quickly and simple. So I put the BB Cream on and a little bit of mascara and that’s it.



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