Hello Ladies, As you already may know brushes make all the difference when applying makeup and so I think  everyone that uses makeup (even if it’s only on special days) should invest on a few good quality brushes. There are a lot of brushes out there and I know that some of us sometimes want to buy the cheapest. Searching on forums I’ve heard that many women buy their brushes on websites like e-bay. But please do not ever buy them on e-bay or something like that because I’m sure

Makeup Essentials!

Hi Ladies, As I’ve been notice for a long  time some people don’t know exactly what they should have for a perfect makeup either for daily basics or for a special occasion. Many of us go to a makeup store and think: “ok I’ll take this makeup, this blush, this lipstick, this eyeliner and this mascara” and that’s it! Some don’t even know what exactly are buying others just take the cheapest products, etc. So today this post will be about what products do we REALLY need to have (

Hi Sweeties, Yves Saint Laurent has some fabulous Lipsticks. This is one of my favorite. I bought this number 4 – Rouge in Danger and simply fall in love with it. I must confess that usually I don’t wear red lipstick but since I bought this one I’ve been using a lot. It aqua shine effect is amazing, it makes the lips looking very good, very nourished and attractive! 😀 Also the outside is gorgeous with a beautiful design as you can see in the picture above. The texture is

Hi Ladies, This is one of the latest shops I’ve done. I was thinking of buying this Nude Palette from The Balm for a while and  finally  did it last week. I love nude tones and I always heard good things about this one.   The colors are very beautiful. Also the package is very funny I thing. It’s a palette that makes you wanna buy it just for the package and the design itself I guess. If you don’t use primer first probably the eyeshadow won’t stay all day

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