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Bhcosmetics* Hello Ladies,   I’m sharing with you now my first BHCosmetics products. I’ve heard very good things about this brand and finally I have a chance to try their products. First I’m showing you my favorite: I’m very happy with this brush set. I’m not saying much about them for now but I must say I was surprised by their quality. They are excellent. I also bought these beautiful Palettes: I didn’t have time to try all of them yet so I’ll make a review later. The colors and  the

Top 5 makeup looks

 Nina Dobrev Nina Dobrev has an unique style. Enhancing her natural beauty she goes for much mascara,illuminator, blush, and pale gloss. So what I really like on her make up looks is that she is very simple just giving  more color on her eyes.. So she is always with that fresh, natural look that I absolutely love. Take a look at some of her make up looks: In this picture you can see her with very “dramatic” eyes. She also knows well how to combine her hair so it really gives

Kiko Smart Lipstick

Hello Ladies,   Continuing last post here are the other Smart Lispticks from Kiko Milano:   I have 5 from this collection, one of them I already mentioned in the previous post- number 919 Sugar Pink. From left to right here are the numbers/colors of them: 905- Red Coral 908- True Red 919- Sugar Pink 902- Pastel Pink 903- Candy Rose 917- Mauve Pink 911- Watermelon I’m not saying more abot them once I’ve already refered before. Just showing you the rest of them. My favorite colors are True Red,

Hello ladies, Here’s another post about one of my new makeup products from Kiko Milano. From this  Lipstick “line”: Smart Lipstick I’ve bought other colors but I’ll start to share with you 919 Sugar Pink. This Lipstick has a simple and elegant design- typical of Kiko – all black. They say :” Rich, nourishing lipstick. Full colour, total comfort.” I don’t agree at all with ” it’s a nourishing lipstick”. Yes it hydrates a bit but it’s not the best! So for me the best thing about this lipstick  is

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