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MAC Cosmetics Hi there, While finishing  Christmas shopping I stopped at MAC store and bought some goodies. I was curious since a while ago about their concealer and that’s why I went there in first place but then I had to get more of them. Take a look to what I’ve purchased: Pro long wear concealer- I’ve heard so many good things about this one so I’m really happy that finally I’ll get to see if everything I’ve heard it’s true:) Then I’ve also bought this Studio Fix Foundation: Obviously

Lipstick of this week!

Hi there, I’ve already made a post  about Kiko Smart Lipsticks and today I’m sharing with you some pictures of me wearing one of them! Its 908- True Red. I’m a huge fan of Kiko Cosmetics lipsticks and in my opinion this Smart lipstick line is absolutely amazing. This one for example has a beautiful finish its really brilliant and high pigmentated. Take a look at the picture: It lasted for 3 to 4 hours (even after lunch it didn’t disappeared). Obviously the shine vanished but the color stayed -becoming

New Makeup- III

– The Balm Blushes Hi there,   Finishing “New Makeup” posts I’m sharing with you my new blushes. I wanted these two for a long time and finally bought them. I’ll talk more about them later! 🙂 Hot Mama! And Down Boy XOXO,FashionWay

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