Bronzer Powder

When Summer arrives lot’s of women  start looking for the perfect bronzer in order to get that amazing sun-kissed look.

But the truth is that not every women knows how to choose the right one and how to apply it correctly.  So here are some good tips for you!
First of all powder-based bronzers are best for oily or normal skin and cream-based bronzers are good for dry skin.
Also remember: don’t buy one too dark, keep it soft!  It should be only a few shades darker than your real skin tone once the idea is to keep it natural!

  •  If you have fair skin, look for a honey-colored bronzer;
  •  Dark skin is best enhanced with a tawny or amber bronzer;
  •  Pinker bronzers tend to suit blondes;
  •  Orange bronzers tend to look better on brunettes;


Then  apply it to the areas of the face where the sun would naturally hit -the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin- starting on the top of the forehead, working down the nose and along the cheeks.
Make sure it’s not too heavy. Look for streaks. If too much bronzer is applied, blend the bronzer down evenly with a cotton pad or apply a little more base powder.
Finally apply a little bit of a cream blush and you will get an amazing look!

Try it yourself Ladies!

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