Kiko SL – Sugar Pink

Hello ladies,

Here’s another post about one of my new makeup products from Kiko Milano.

From this  Lipstick “line”: Smart Lipstick I’ve bought other colors but I’ll start to share with you 919 Sugar Pink.


This Lipstick has a simple and elegant design- typical of Kiko – all black.


They say :” Rich, nourishing lipstick. Full colour, total comfort.” I don’t agree at all with ” it’s a nourishing lipstick”. Yes it hydrates a bit but it’s not the best!

So for me the best thing about this lipstick  is the high pigmentation and duration time.

This color it’s very glow as you can see in the pictures bellow with a pearl finish. It’s really cute!


 As I’ve said it has a wonderfull pigmentation (look a the picture bellow). Also it’s long lasting : about 2 to 3 hours .
The price is great, very affordable  so I’ll recommend you this one if you want a good lipstick for a good price. Smart lipstick comes with 24 different colors and shades giving a lot’s of options to choose.



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