Dior Addict

– Fluid Stick- Review


Hi girls,


I’m sharing with you this time one of my favorite summer lipsticks : Dior Addict- number 373-Rieuse.


“A spectacular lip formula that packs the benefits of shiny gloss and pigmented lipstick into one color-rich product. ”



I am completely in love with this color and I think this one is really  appropriated for summer! Coral shades are fresh and great for summer looks!



As usually the appearance its also gorgeous. I  love Dior packaging designs .It’s one of the things that distinguishes the various brands.

A pretty package becomes a major attraction for anyone and since we also pay very well for the product turns out to be important that it has a good appearance. In this regard this one doesn’t disappoint.



The pigmentation is great and I usually have very dry lips so I need to apply first a lip balm but I don’t need to do this when I’m wearing this one because it nourishes enough. However, despite the good pigmentation it could last longer.

After meals is really necessary to reapply .

b5Dior says: “This stunning hybrid imparts high-impact shine with maximum color to offer a new kind of lip color. It’s lightweight in texture, boasts sensational color payout, and delivers long-lasting wear and a no-makeup feel with coverage that is between a gloss and a lipstick.”

I usually avoid lip glosses because I don’t like the sticky sensation that it provides but I like the glossy appearance so this is one of the things that I love the most on this product. It’s like they say: it provides a no-makeup feel with coverage that is between a gloss and a lipstick!


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