Daily Care – Part II

Hi girls! :p


I’m sharing with you now some more skin products I most use on the daily basics.

Starting with a nutritive eye cream which I only use it when I feel my eyes kin of heavy or something and when I had a very long day and feel very tired, before going to sleep.


It’s very good and I like it because I tend to wake up lot’s and lot’s of times with Big dark circles around the eyes and this nutritive eye cream definitely helps not only to prevent them but also to attenuate them.



It’s from Gadi 21 minerals. And other product that I also like but don’t really use very much it’s Gadi Mineral Cleansing Milk.

I don’t really use it a lot right now because I have so much other products for the same use so I like to change them sometimes. So right now I’m not been using this one.



The next two products are from Transparent Clinic a brand which I discover a little while ago. I bought these ones just for curiosity and you know what? I kind of like them. The first one the tonic it’s great. I really love that tonic. The second the moisturizer is good  not my favorite but I use it sometimes. I prefer another ( which I’ll show you in a bit) but this is a very good choice.





This following is a Silk Serum from Canaan – Minerals and Herbs and I use it right after cleansing my face. For those who don’t know, Serum mean serum and has specific functions of hydration and revitalization, but also serves as firming the skin and acts to prevent the signs of aging. It: Helps soften wrinkles, removes dead cells, tenses the muscle and skin, regenerates collagen fibers and elastin, increases skin immunity, helps increase the natural ability to regenerate skin, etc.






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