Daily care – Part I

Hi girls,


Our face  is constantly exposed to external aggressions such as sun, wind and pollution so our skin  accumulates  every day lots of impurities. By using makeup we complicate this situation.

The accumulation of impurities in the epidermis (top layer of skin) precipitates the appearance of lines, wrinkles, blemishes  and stimulates the appearance of acne. Oily skin is most in need of cleaning, as suffer with excess oiliness and acne. In the heat oily skin feel even damage, because the pores dilate due to increased sebum produced by the skin. The dry and normal skins also require cleaning.

There are lot’s of products that we can use to take care of our skin. I’m sharing with you in this post my favorite ones (Later I’ll show you some other products).

These two products I’m sharing with you are from Diadermine, which I consider one of the bests in terms of makeup removers and cleansers.


So every day before going to bed I remove all my eye makeup with this little Diadermine Makeup Remover (blue one).

It’s a very cheap makeup remover and it’s for all skin types. Also and another important thing to consider when choosing an eye makeup remover: it’s suitable for contact lens wearers. This because our eyes are very sensible so we must take care and choose the right products.

I also apply the other product on the picture which is a beauty gel that cleans and hydrate and we can apply both on face and eyes and it’s oil free. We can also use it in the morning but I prefer to use it just once. Also it doesn’t needs water.

To remove my face makeup I usually use some makeup removers wipes from Diadermine, Nivea or L’oreal. These are my favorite ones. Always choose alcohol free wipes.

10726527-1361261836-398715 diadermin_tllt NIVEA-WipesRefreshing

This is my basic daily routine. On the next post I’ll share more products with you like face masks, face serum, moisturizers and others.



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